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Imaging Express is an image viewer and editor software supporting over 30+ image file formats. It is particularly suited for document imaging application such as viewing and creating multipage TIFF or PDF image files. Image files can be easily converted among JPEG, TIFF, PDF, BMP, PCX/DCX, TGA etc..

Annotation objects such as text, sticky note, line, shape, color highlight, stamp can be drawn on images. They are compatible with the Kodak Imaging (also known as Imaging for Windows) files.

This software works with Twain compatible scanners, it can even create multipage images with a flatbed scanner. Individual pages in a multipage image file can be easily re-arranged or deleted.

A set of versatile editing tools are provided for processing scanned image documents, such as automatically removing black border or cropping edge space, straightening scanned page (deskew), reducing noise spots (despeckle).

Fax images with different horizontal and vertical DPI resolution (i.e. low resolution fax files) can be viewed properly without distortion.

The software can also be launched in preview or editing mode through command line or from other software application passing the image filename and optional switches.

If you need to work with document images then this software is a perfect alternative for the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, or a replacement for the Imaging for Windows software that are no longer bundled with Windows system.


Document Imaging for Windows XP

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Supported image format
- TIFF (G3, G4 black-and-white, JPEG, LZW, Deflate)
- PDF (TIFF or JPEG encoded)
- Over 30 other formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, DCX, BMP, TGA, ICO, WMF and more...

Image save format
- TIFF (G4 black-and-white, JPEG, LZW)
- PDF (TIFF or JPEG encoded)
- Perfrom image format conversion

Multi-page image manipulation
- Append new image page from scanner, Windows clipboard image, or existing file
- Perform page insert, move and delete

Image viewing
- Image drag and move quick panning
- Zoom image to fit screen width, height, or either side
- Zoom in, out, or to image actual full size
- Rotate left, right, up-side-down (180°)
- Flip vertically and horizontally
- Negative image
- Black and white image anti-aliasing for enhanced gray scale viewing
- Color image anti-aliasing and smoothing for enhanced zoom viewing
- Maintain aspect ratio for images with different horizontal and vertical resolutions

Image edit processing
- Mark and crop area
- Automatically crop edge space
- Automatically crop black border
- Straighten page (deskew)
- Remove specks (despeckle)
- Cut region (fill with white color)
- Eraser (rubber to clean black spots)

Annotations reading and writing
- Text, sticky note, line and freehand drawing
- Highlight region, hollow rectangle, solid rectangle
- Text rubber and image stamps
- Allow default text and color property setting
- Merge on image permanently
- Wang and Kodak Imaging (Imaging for Windows) compatible

- Support Twain and WIA compatible scanners
- Print at page centre
- Print actual size or fit to page
- Print with annotations
- Invoke from Command Shell with optional switches
- Set image file association to open image when double click on file

Supported Windows
- Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

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